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  • Television Production

    Our TV Production program at South Miami Senior High is operated by an all-student staff ranging from grades 9th through 12th.

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  • SMSH Robotics Team

    This program began in 2007 and since then has joined the top ranks among Miami Dade County Public School's robotics programs.

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  • Magnet Photography

    Learn more about our magnet program where students are trained in high-end digital photography and frequently showcase works at local exhibitions.

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  • Student Services

    Visit the Student Services page to learn more about college preparation or to make an appointment with one of our guidance counselors.

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  • Activities

    The Activities program is a vital part of the total SMSH experience; including pep rallies, Cobrafest and other great extra-curricular activities.

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  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies curriculum at South Miami Senior High is designed to meet the needs of a diversified population. The department offers...

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  • Language Arts

    The Language Arts department acknowledges the uniqueness of each student by individually promoting each student's...

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  • Mathematics

    The Mathematics department pushes its students forward and provides them with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed.

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  • Science

    The Science department is committed to establishing opportunities for each student to understand what is known about the universe and how it...

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  • ESOL (Eng. as 2nd Lang.)

    ESOL is a program that includes listening comprehension, oral expression, pronunciation, reading and writing.

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  • AP Program

    The AP program at South Miami Senior High gives our students the chance to earn college-level credits through a series of exams.

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  • Athletics

    The Athletics program here at SMSH offers its talented young students the opportunity to participate in sports and championships.

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  • Magnet Digital & Fine Art

    The centerpiece of our school's magnet program, our Digital and Fine Arts programs help students maximize their skills and talent.

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  • Magnet Music

    Our Magnet music program offerings include jazz, orchestra, percussion, and band.

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  • Learn More About Us!

    Click here for information about our current principal and administration, history, and all you need to know about South Miami Senior High.

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